Dato Looi Son Passed Away: Tony Family, Adrian Lik Wai – All Details Here!

Latest News Dato Looi Son Passed Away

This article will share details on the Dato Looi Son Passed Away news which is quite shocking for his Family and friends.

Are you aware of the Dato Looi passing away news? Why are people discussing this news? Who is Dato Looi’s son? How did Dato Looi’s son pass away?

A tragic incident took place in Malaysia, which left everyone devastated. The Dato Looi Son Passed Away news left everyone in shock and saddened. To learn more about the sudden death of Dato Looi’s son, keep reading this blog until finished.

Details on Dato Looi Son Passed Away News

The son of Ban Lee Hin Group’s chairman unexpectedly left this world lately. Adrian Looi, the deceased son of Chairman Dato Tony Looi, died at the age of 28 years. It’s shocking for the whole community. Everyone came to know about the sudden death news of Dato Looi’s son through his Facebook post. Dato Looi shared the Facebook post on 12th February 2024. The news was shared through Dato Looi’s official Facebook page.

How did Adrian Looi Lik Wai pass away?

The famous Malaysian entrepreneur Dato Looi shared through his post that he died of a heart attack. According to the details shared on this post, Adrian Looi died on 10th February, which is exactly six days before his birthday and the first day of the Chinese (New Year). The posts also revealed that Data Looi went coma after the heart attack. Every effort was made to rescue him.

Adrian Looi’s Obituary & Funeral

According to Adrian Looi Lik Wai passing away details, his funeral is scheduled for 14th February. It is planned at the Nirvana Memorial Center, and only close Family and friends are invited to the funeral. The ceremony will be held only with his loved ones. 

Adrian Looi's Obituary & Funeral

What was the net worth of Adrian Looi?

Sources didn’t reveal the exact net worth of the deceased Adrian Looi. Nor is his father’s Dato Looi’s net worth available on the internet.

Dato Tony Looi Family details

Adrian Looi’s Family is wholly devastated after the death of their beloved family member. Adrian’s Family has canceled all the plans many lined up for celebrations after his death. His Family cancelled the plan of the Chinese New Year celebration. They have also canceled the plan for Ban Lee Hin’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Adrian Looi’s family members are deeply shocked by his death.

Is Adrian Looi married?

Details for Adrian’s marriage or relationship remain unknown for now. Dato Tony Looi Family also didn’t reveal their son’s personal and love life. Thus, we are unaware that Adrian got hitched to someone who was single at the time of his death.

Adrian Looi’s Nationality and Religion

Well, the research says that Adrian Looi belonged to Malaysia. Thus, he holds Malaysian nationality. We cannot provide any clarity on his religion as it’s not available on the online sources. Learn more about the Dato Looi Son Passed Away news in the upcoming section.

Adrian’s Education Qualification

None of the sources revealed details of his educational qualifications. Hence minimal information is available for his educational details currently.

Adrian Looi’s Career

According to the public’s speculation, Adrian Looi worked along with his father. However, there is no clarity on his profession or career yet.

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This article has provided all the details on Dato Looi Son Passed Away news. Also, we share our deepest condolences with Adrian Looi’s family and friends. For more information on Dato Looi, click the attached link.

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